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naruto 441 spoiler

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Quick Translation by SwitcherFoot at NF.

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Naruto escapes from Chibaku tensei. The sphere begins to crumble…

Naruto’s mind is distracted over Hinata and the rest of Konoha’s villagers. He worries that they’ve been wiped out by Pein, but then the Katsuya that was in his pocket reassures him that they are safe, and Naruto is relieved.

Nagato coughs up blood (again).

Team Gai finally arrives. Tenten goes to Hinata. Her vital points were damaged, but with immediate care, she will be saved. Neji uses byakugan to search for a medical ninja. Lee discovers Mama Frog and reports an injured frog.

Gai says “Akatsuki… to think they are capable of this…” or something to that effect.

Back to Naruto. He tells Tendou he wants to talk to the ‘real’ Pein (i.e. Nagato).

Tendou tells Naruto it’s too late to talk and nothing good will come of it.

Naruto decides to search him out. Katsuya asks how.

Naruto has an idea. During the fight, he will break off a piece of Tendou’s chakra rod, and he will stab himself with it while in Sennin mode. The theory is similar to tracing a call. (*69 FTW!)

In order to finish off Tendou, Naruto uses Fuuton Rasenshuriken. Tendou repels it using his jutsu. Knowing that Tendou has a 5 second delay to his jutsu, Naruto used a second shadow shuriken (?).

Chapter ends here.

The next issue, color cover. “An unexpected outcome.” It would suck if the “unexpected outcome” was Nagato dying from hacking up too much blood.

Gaara on the spine of Jump.

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